During our travels, we have been fortunate to come in contact with some other, wonderful medieval and Tudor re-enactors. We are appreciative of their friendship and felt that a links page would be the perfect way to celebrate their work.

In addition, below is a link to the web site of the exceptionally talented Zarrina Bull; she is the person responsible for all our beautiful costumes. Zarrina makes costumes to order privately for individuals, or for film and television. Please follow the links for more information.

Tudor Gowns by Zarrina Bull: Tudor Gowns


Waytes and Measures bring to life the joy of the medieval and Tudor era through an entertaining mix of both folk and courtly music. When re-enacting together, we are able to perform a mix of dances for display, such as the pavane, and also those which invite participation from the general public. These simple folk dances are always a great favourite with children.

If you would like this at your event, please contacy Waytes and Measures directly, via their web site.

Waytes and Measures:



tudorsatthevyne-1038One of our favourite ‘professional’ Henry VIII’s, John White performs as Select Society. He describes Select Society is a company that, by employing ‘first’ and ‘third’ person presentational techniques, provides high quality ‘historical interpretation’ to educational, heritage, and commercial institutions, through a range of historically accurate characterisations.

Select Society:

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